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Security is our number one priority!

Optimum security at TruckSafe Waalwijk

We believe that security has the highest priority. Our aim is, therefore, to achieve the best possible security level with regard to your trucks. TruckSafe Waalwijk is a member and actively involved with the sector organisations below to safeguard the quality of its services.
TruckSafe Waalwijk is the first truck parking facility in the Netherlands that is secured in accordance with "Certified Security Level 3" of ESPORG. The security level can be upgraded even more by deploying additional customised security.


TAPA stands for “Transported Asset Protection Association” and is an important partner of TruckSafe Waalwijk. It is a worldwide association of producers, hauliers, police, justice, logistics service providers and other stakeholders. They do this through a unique forum. The common goal is to limit losses in the logistics chain. 

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TAPA Security Requirements are recognised globally as the industry standard for truck facilities. TAPA’s Incident Information Service (IIS) collects and distributes data continuously about cargo thefts that ensure that hotspots can be avoided, you can better protect your goods and, if required, you can report incidents and trace stolen goods yourself.

In addition, TAPA has contacts at the highest level of relevant government bodies, police and justice departments and publishes monthly newsletters. 


ESPORG stands for “European Secure Parking Organisation" and was created based on operators of secure truck parking facilities throughout Europe. Together, its members form a powerful European network of secure truck parking facilities and they want to offer a solution for the underlying social issue, that is, the frequently occurring cargo thefts.

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in 2013, ESPORG was awarded the TAPA award for developing and managing a new certification programme. Together with DEKRA, ESPORG now offers a uniform qualification system for secure truck parking facilities within Europe. 

IRU (World's Road Trans Organisation) is represented in more than 100 countries and is the largest transport organisation in the world. Facilitating a safe working environment for drivers is an important common goal. IRU ensures that drivers can drive safely and that hauliers can easily link up to efficient and sustainable transport networks.  

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Security facilities

Below we give an overview of our security facilities:

  • Number plate recognition when arriving and leaving the truck parking facility 
  • The truck parking facility is surrounded by water by 80% 
  • A CCTV system is used 
  • Continuous surveillance through real time monitoring” 
  • The truck parking facility is fenced off and has locked gates
  • ESPORG Certified Security Level 3