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TruckSafe offers one integral solution

Why TruckSafe?

Are you looking for a secure parking place for your truck? This is exactly what TruckSafe Waalwijk offers! Our truck parking facility is highly secure,  your cargo will be safe and can be left behind without worries. 

A European Parliament study has shown that more and more cargo thefts are taking place each year. Incidents are becoming ever more violent and organised crime is on the increase. 

Millions are stolen from trucks each year on a national level. This is even billions on a European level. A study carried out by TAPA has shown that no less than 25% of thefts within Europe take place in the Netherlands. Most of these thefts take place in non-secured truck parking facilities (60%!). 

We decided that a professional secure solution was needed!

TruckSafe Nederland offers an integral solution. We believe that security at the highest level, selecting the right location, flexibility and transparent working methods are fully aligned with each other to best advantage!

We believe that strategic locations that offer easy access are essential when it comes to secure truck parking facilities. 

The “Haven VII” industrial park is simply perfectly suitable to offer the right integral security solution because of its multimodal location where logistics flows on water, rail and road can take place.

Park regulations

Visitors of the truck parking are subject to rules. The park regulations can be read here.